Artworks decoration and materials

Design of painting and graphics, sale of materials and supplies, special papers and more

Sale of artworks

Painting, sculpture, graphics, reproductions and more

Tools for creative work

Frames, panels, production of unique objects and restoration

A Few WordsAbount Us

We are a company that deals with design of artworks with imported and Bulgarian frames, production and trade in artistic materials: TALENS - Netherlands, PEBEO - France, MARABU - Germany, production of unique furniture and items, paintings and gallery trade.

Services Overview


Decoration of all kinds of works of art (painting, graphics, tapestries), reproductions and more.

Artistic materials

Sale of art supplies, special papers and more.


Gallery - sale of works of art - painting, sculpture, graphics, reproductions, icons, ceramics and more.


Production of creative tools - canvas frames, canvas panels, tripods, palettes, icon boards and more.


Production of mirrors, unique objects and more.


Restoration of all kinds of works of art and furniture.

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